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Image Aquisition and Data Reduction. (unfinished)

Every measured value is connected to noise, uncertainty. If you measure a constant photon flux from a light source over a certain integration time repeatedly you come out with slightly different results for every measurement. The results converge to an average value with an increasing number of measurements. The deviation of each single measurement from this average value is called the noise. This noise is composed from different sources of noise. This article is about how to remove systematic sources of noise from your measurements and to minimize statistical noise. more ...


A Field Astrophotographer's Cookbook (unfinished).

This article is about the current steps i am going through to set up the equipment and capture CCD data. It is a complex process with a long chain of possible failure and is described by me to optimize it in a progessive way. Additionally it should give you an idea what it means to do astrophotography. The procedure is a lot like setting up and an experiment and taking measurements - not under the controlled conditions of a laboratory's environment but under the conditions of an average middle-european starry night which could become rather uncomfortable.

This approach is quite necessary because throwing the equipment in the car, driving up the mountains, setting up enthusiastically and running into an unrecoverable error happened quite often to me - especially when you have to run a family and a 13 hour job besides ;) more ...

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